SERG - A report-generating tool.

Using SERG, Software Developers, Testers, Service Analysts, and Project Managers have the ability to track and manage application defects located on production, test, system, and development environments. Without constantly having to check numerous indecipherable Splunk alert emails, and having to read each one (sometimes 3-12) at times, SERG allows the user to choose a specific type of defect from particular environments and pods, run a script, and save a CSV (Comma-Seperated Values) report on the User's workstation, containing every single occurence of the defect, along with its specific information (i.e. Date/Time, Application, Name, Error Count, Splunk Query, Error Message, URL, Lane, and Status).

The Application was written in VBScript. I chose that particular language due to its compatibility with the exisitng email server at the workplace. I made heavy use of Regular Expressions, String manipulation, and table data structures to parse heavily convoluted texts and tables in the Splunk alerts.

An improvement I plan to make in the second release of this software is the capability of saving reports in the Cloud (Sharepoint, Drive, JIRA, etc.). This will help teams that frequently work together to have one single point of access for all of the reports, and to reduce clutter on user workstations.